How to Take Good Care of Your Ping Pong Paddles

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Playing a game of table tennis will require you to really get those muscles moving. On top of that, your table tennis racket will also experience a vigorous adventure on its own. Therefore, making sure that your ping pong paddles stay in good shape at all times is very important for a table tennis player, beginner and pro alike.

The durability of the racket rubbers rely on three factors: friction, flexibility and tension. After prolong use, flexibility and tension will diminish, but you can prevent the loss of friction by practicing a daily cleaning routine. Friction is vital as it controls the contact of the ball to the rubber surface – allowing a good spin onto the ball.

In the previous articles, you have learned the basic grips and strokes you can do with your ping pong rackets. Now, it’s time to give those paddles a breather. Read these simple guides on how to look after your table tennis paddle.

  • Table tennis racket case – You can store your paddle in a racket case to protect it from dirt, from direct heat, and from getting wet. Make sure to purchase a racket case that is made from high quality material, else you will compromise the safety of your paddle.
  • Commercial cleaners – Apply it on the rubber and wipe it off with a sponge. These cleaning solutions could come in a spray or a foam type. They are said to restore the rubber’s natural coarse state.
  • Sponge and water – This is what most players prefer as a cleaning method. Just moisten a sponge with water and use it to clean your rubbers off. You can use a commercial sponge that has a plastic container which keeps the sponge damp all the time, or a regular kitchen sponge will do.
  • Detergent – Add just a small amount of detergent to water, soak a sponge into it, and wipe away. It can remove oil build up from sweat in contact with the rubber.
  • Breath and hand – Some professional players do this technique – they breathe on the rubber and wipe it with their hand. But experts recommend doing this only when no other cleaning solution is available and if you don’t mind changing rubbers frequently.

Other players like it better when their rubbers are unclean – they feel that dirt and dust might just be the thing they need to have that power spin. But whatever cleaning method you prefer, taking good care of your table tennis equipments is a must. The tips above are sure-fire ways to get that dirt off your ping pong paddles, all the while protecting the racket rubbers and helping you top your game.

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